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Welcome to Winstead Law Group, APC. We practice exclusively in the areas of tax, asset protection, and estate planning. Priding ourselves on client service, it is our goal to individually tailor plans to each client’s unique needs, educate our clients with their legal planning, and provide quality legal representation at up front and reasonable rates.



Practice Areas

A Will is a document where you indicate how you want your property distributed at your death.


Child Guardianship Planning
Wills & Trusts

Estate Planning is the process of arranging your affairs to ensure that matters are handled smoothly with little to no court involvement.

Estate Planning
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A Trust is a roadmap instructing your Successor Trustee how to administer your estate upon your incapacity or death.  We can offer guidance during this process.

Trust Administration

In this litigious society, it is more important than ever to understand your exposure and methods to protect your hard earned assets from frivolous claims.

Asset Protection Planning
Business Entity Formation

Whether opening a new business or converting a sole proprietorship into a business entity, we can assist in selecting the proper type of entity for your particular situation.

There has been a considerable increase in people wanting to mention their pets in their estate plans and recognizing the importance of caring for pets after the death of the owner.

California Pet Trusts

No parent wants to imagine that they might die while their children are still young. Click here to learn how to properly designate a Legal Guardian for your children.